I’ve fallen down the well

Actually this photo is not taken from inside a well (as the title insinuates) but is shot I took from inside an old silo at Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture this past weekend. The silo seem more like a chapel as it houses a Titanium Bell that was once the nose cone for a solid fuel rocket.  The bell is randomly stuck by a what looks like a kettle bell on a wire. My words don’t give the Zen like experience of sitting in the space justice.

When I stepped into the refurbish silo it brought memories of a book I read by Haruki Murakami, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles. Strange but interesting fiction about a man who spend a fair amount of time sitting in the bottom of a well.


A Couple of Firsts

I achieved a couple of first recently. The first was having my first exhibition of my photography. It was at my local library and ended on the 29th of February, after showing for 2 months. The show was then picked up by the Greenburgh Town Hall here in Westchester County. My work will be on display display there on the second floor there through the end of April.

My second first was having a photo of mine published in the New York Times. I feel like I kind of snuck in the back door as the photo was an announcement in the Metro section for the exhibition. Since it was my photo, they actually gave me a photo credit.

None the less, I was a very happy camper. – Aaron


This was a picture I took while purchasing my daily cinnamon and raisin bagel from Mohommad’s street cart across from the Main Library in NYC on a 20 degree morning December morning last winter.

Crazy Idea #1

I didn’t think I would be starting this blog with the crazy ideas so soon. A while back I read The Art of Innovation by Tom Kelley and I have been obsessed with inventing things. I never really truly invent things. That is the hard part, but I do have lots of interesting, if not slightly wacky ideas.

I have been having back problems and after lying on my face for 2 hours this morning to help my back feel better, I thought, why don’t regular mattresses come with face holes like massage mattresses. Or heck, maybe just an attachment (borrowed from massage tables) for those of us who love to sleep on our tummies.


I did a quick internet search to see if I could purchase something like that before sharing my idea, but no luck. However, I did find this really cool cuddle mattress. Now that is an interesting idea.

Daily Mail article on the Cuddle Mattress

Hello World! part 2

I did a blog about 5 years ago and kept at it for about 2 years when I got distracted with a shared blog. Well, that died and when I came back to my blog after a year break I discovered my database had vanished like Jonathan Strange in a mirror. It was long gone and my internet service provider could not retrieve it from the long ago wiped back-up files. So I gave up on blogging.

Till now.

So, I am back and ready to start sharing my thoughts on my creative calamities. The title comes from the premise of success through failure and I have plenty of failures.

Here I will be posting successful art and not so successful art. I will be discussing my thoughts on art and books and whatever suits my fancy. I might be deviating from my blog premise from time to time. Crazy ideas may be common place. Rambling and digression should be expected. Off the top of my head I plan on designing my very own Tiny Dream House and my Zombie Apocalypse homestead and sharing it here.

I am a graphic artist, painter, photographer and ukulele novice with lots to share.

I’d backed up most of my posts from my old blog and I might start digging through those files and manually reposting interesting entries when the whim suits me.

So here we go again, Hello World part 2.