Hi, I am Aaron Porter, painter and photographer. I make my living as a freelance graphic artist (my freelance site).


I grew up in Chicago and graduated from Northern Illinois University with a degree in Scientific Illustration. I spent my entire college career working for the school newspaper as a photographer. I also spent a summer at a small newspaper taking pictures as well. I enjoyed photojournalism immensely, because of that I developed a habit of carrying a camera with me everywhere.


I worked in newspapers for a quite some time doing info graphics and illustrations.


I also studied painting at the University of Miami. After I got my MFA in painting, to celebrate, I took a three year break from the "real-world" and taught English in Kyoto, Japan. I did a lot of painting there and showed my work a few times.


After that great adventure, I landed in upstate New York. I went back to the newspaper industry and it was an exciting job, but came to an end as the industry struggled to keep pace with changing times. I am a freelance graphic artist doing a variety of work for a variety of clients and I am also an adjunct instructor at the Bronx Community College.


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